I like to make screencaps of hot guys on TV, and I also take photos at NRL games. I am married to Cooper Cronk, Mick Ennis and Anthony Quinn.

Depressed. My knee won’t heal in time for the final round of comp this week.

And I’m leading the individual standings bc undefeated. Not anymore though :(

As a team, we will still make the semis, whatever this week’s result is.

As for whether I will be well enough to play the semis, that is another story.


In the space of a week:
* I twisted my knee at tennis comp and am struggling to walk
* Asked Perfboy out on a date and was turned down bc dating
* Got declined by every IRL to go to a concert with me
* Worked an 11hr shift standing at my desk bc knee pain

Life, come at me bro.

And to end a fabulous night, I go to see my name directly above #PerfBoy’s name in the tournament draw!!!!!!

:D :D :D

Looks so good together! Can totally see it on a wedding invite perhaps…. :D :D