I like to make screencaps of hot guys on TV, and I also take photos at NRL games. I am married to Cooper Cronk, Mick Ennis and Anthony Quinn.

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I had to play against my #TennisCrush :(

And I beat him 6-1 in our singles match.


And he was wearing super sexy short blue shorts tonight, above his knee. HE HAS NEVER WORN THOSE BEFORE URGH.

And when he served I could see his stomach URGH.

I did let him ace me a few times, and let some winners fly by so he could feel good.

I don’t even know.


So this morning I dreamed that I saw Char kissing Niall in a club or something. Paparazzi were everywhere, flashbulbs going off in this corner of the nightclub which had been cordoned off. And Char and Niall were putting on a good show, kissing for the cameras on a lounge.

And then Char got up to say hello to me (VERY NICE!) and she was so tiny, but perfectly proportioned and cute. She had the most perfect figure, like a miniature supermodel in her shiny, sparkly jeans and cute top. Her hair was straight and sexy and she looked so happy :)

Then I saw Char’s Mum and went and said hello, and she was so nice too and proud of her daughter. Char’s Mum looked like a bigger version of Char, like something out of a David Jones catalogue.

Then suddenly the scene changed and myself, Char and her Mum were getting hotdogs in some shop in Manuka or something. I ordered some german sausage thing, but it was taking so long and my hot cousin was serving at the counter and asked if I had a spare CD player but I didn’t. When I finally walked outside with my hotdog, Char and her Mum had boarded a bus and I was chasing after the bus screaming goodbye and Char waved from the window.


Then I went to visit my family who were staying in a hotel in Canberra for some reason. I had ridden my bike from Sydney to Canberra, so I fucking had to bike across the city, and went around like 5 roundabouts and nearly killed myself because it was Saturday night and cars were careening past me.

I didn’t have a map and couldn’t use the GPS on my iphone so I kinda winged it across Canberra City, not really knowing where my family were but following my nose. I finally made it to their hotel, and my Dad was so proud I had made it.

And then I woke up.